Sunday, October 21, 2012

Loved one challenge

An interesting little idea that my sister and I came up with, since the creation our dad deed has shifted from TV, which was impossible for him, unfortunately, to no drinking, which is just as healthy so win win!  :)

This is meant to be fun, helpful and not finger pointing and hurtful, be kind and supportive with your suggestions :).

Friday, October 5, 2012


I AM "what is right in the world".  This is the most interesting, fascinating, fun and reflective documentary I have ever seen.  Tom Shadyac who brought us Ace Ventura and pretty much every comedy Jim Carey has been in, had a terrible mountain bicycle accident, was left in a concussion / coma state, basically a near death experience, on his return to life he has brought a new meaning, a new purpose and a new perspective to his thinking and the world!!!  The movie was absolutely fascinating you could probably spend the rest of your life researching heart math, the connectedness of everything on the planet, the fact that Darwin spoke of love, compassion, cooperation 100's of times in his book on evolution and only mentioned survival of the fittest twice, only twice, I feel like we have been a little bit duped by not knowing this... its all about me and I and what I want and this is partially because Darwin discovered survival of the fittest and we must look out for number one and what the documentary tells and shows us is that this was a bit of a misrepresentation, it has occupied our minds and become our culture and its not correct, at least its not a full truth.

Science.  Oh yes wonderful science, all powerful and knowing science once knew the earth was flat, the earth was the centre of the universe and that there are no harmful effects from smoking, science the 'doc' argues is just starting to catch up to eastern religion, medicine and first nations thinking in the connectedness of all things on this planet.  This leads me to a question I have thrown around in my circle of friends, a Buddhist question, if the story we told ourselves from birth was one of reincarnation, one of caring for the birds, the bee's, the tree's and the impoverished people around the world because we would likely come back as a fish, a flower or a butterfly, how would we live on this planet?  What would we eat?  How would we take shelter?  What would our cities look like?  What would we teach in our schools?

All things are connected, one of the most fascinating examples from the 'doc', a petri dish with yogurt, two electrodes are placed in it and then connected to a ohm/volt meter.  A conversation pursues, the meter shows no response, and then Shadyac is asked about his ex wife, his lawyer and his agent and wham the meter bounces around each time, the electrodes in the dish of yogurt are claimed to be sensing the emotional energy that Shadyac is feeling... it is spectacular, I couldn't find the experiment on youtube, you will have to get the documentary, the library has it :).   Further along this thinking, the doc discusses 60 random number generators around the world and then the fun experiments and then real life not so fun experiments that have been tried on these random number generators.  So random number generator generates random numbers, this is true in most cases, however, when a group of people are in the room with the generator and they all have either happy or extreme sorrow emotions, the random number generators are thrown off, they are not random.  This was also seen in all 60 random number generators around the world after 9-11, Hurricane Katrina, and the Tsunami, unbelievable, the odds of patterns appearing in random number generators, effected by human emotions, all I can think of is... the possibility of emotion-winning the lotto... :), guess I will have to buy my first ticket someday :)

Heartmath, now apparently 95% of the messaging to our brain actually begins in our heart, heart math advocates that we actually sense the outcome of a situation in our body/heart/blood before we think it.  This is a huge leap, its extremely interesting science and I encourage you to do a little more research for yourself:  Heart math attempts to explain why we can't think clearly under certain emotions.  How anger makes us stupid.   Why we function better in empathy compassion and love than the alternative.  Also the heart maybe able to predict the future, and respond in the body in advance of the mind :).  Pretty neat thinking!  If anyone has any further info in this I would love to see it!!

Shadyac has since his accident downsized his private jet, multiple mansions around the world lifestyle, he rides his bike to work, lives in a small trailer and teaches at a community school about ISHMAEL, and the new thinking he has undertaken, oh and donates to a common good all excess proceeds :0 WOW.  Oh further there is a huge section on money and happiness and how more money does not make you happier, which we all know of course :), a theme of this blog I think...  

 A couple more take aways for me: 
Ray anderson ceo interface "we have it all wrong" the way we are living.  
All of life is our biological kin. 99percent same genes as apes, same as pets dogs cats fish fungi trees we are all relatives.
Obamas dad wouldn't have been served at a restaurant in south 60 years ago. 
Tribal hoarding... We are living it, we are the first hoarding tribe.  All nature obeys the law, the first law is that nothing in nature takes more than it needs or it dies off, nature cooperates or it dies. 
Soldiers and suicide off the charts, war is not natural.  
Critical thinking followed by action, is the best meditation we can do now. 
Criminally insane to have this type of poverty and injustice and environmental destruction in the world with this type of wealth right out our front doors. 
You can't be neutral on a moving train and there is no such thing as a tiny act. 

A great interview here with Shadyac:

Share this great stuff, the film concludes that the greatest way to shift thinking is to start thinking, sharing, learning and being a little bit different, that collectively when we reach 51% thinking different, we will live different!!
Change:  is a building of consciousness until we are grasped by it and change.
Everyday acts and small acts build over time into a great movement
Make your heart sing with passion and inspiration, change comes about as a result of millions of tiny acts. 

ok completely random, beautiful thoughts, enjoy the film :)