Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Debt, happiness, what are we working towards...

Has debt become irrelevant?  National debt that is.  Why does debt matter?  or does it still matter?  If America can recklessly rack up 1 trillion? or more annually in debt, going to war, then why can't we go recklessly into debt, but recklessly creating a better world?  Why can't we spend recklessly on education, clean food and water for everyone, organic and holistic farming, renewable energy systems and grids, high efficient transportation, homes and buildings that last 100s or 1000s of years and produce instead of consume energy over their life time, more time with family, more time recreating, healthier, more time doing the things that make us happy, more care for other species and the planet, more holidays and less carbon, more love and less war?  Can this be our government's goal, should this not be what policies are striving for?  what is holding us back?  is it really debt?

I really like some of the thoughts in this short video, possibly I have borrowed some of them above, I'm sure they won't mind!!

And of course a tribute to John Lennon