Saturday, June 25, 2011

Human Nature

Interesting documentary, scary, sad, sad, sad.  What are we doing to our one and only planet???  We are pooping plastic into our oceans without really realizing that we have to eat this...

Some things that resonated with me.  "We live in the happy consciousness era, globalization is inevitable, he who dies with most toys wins, we have more stuff then ever before.  Plastic in our oceans is a symbol of the wrong direction we as a society are taking.  Are society's giving us our bang for our buck, are we getting enough value out of them?"

Also had some interesting conversations on human nature last night and tonight.  Are we inherently bad or good or a bit of both, I like to hope a bit of both... or maybe we are all different based on our own circumstances, upbringing, conscious, morals and social setting... We are good when its expected of us, bad when no one is looking, in pursuit of money and more stuff almost constantly and WIIFM factors into many if not all of our decisions... (Whats In It For Me).

random thoughts, just wanted to capture them!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

One More Minute Dilemma

What would you do with another minute... this video makes the dilemma of live for future generations and delayed gratification vs. me me me and now, live for the moment and forget about tomorrow, that much more challenging...

I don't know if it is effective, or what its goal is and how to measure it, its a scary thought and a dilemma I often think about, challenge myself on, but rarely take actions...  If we really are down to our last minute, why to I continue to live like a king, while so many around the world struggle to get by... I feel so privileged!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

To Mike and Tanya

Congratulations to two friends Mike and Tanya on their recent wedding (last night recent), I had a lot of fun and was glad to share your special day with you both!

When do you come to the understanding that you are with the one you love, that special person that will contribute to your happiness forever?  I see a lot of friends choosing their significant others and reproducing, and I see a lot of others that are not working out.

Falling head over heels, offers the greatest feeling for the soul and mind, the elixir of life I may argue.  The feelings generated from a first kiss, holding hands, gazing into each others eyes, thinking about that person nonstop and how to generate more of that feeling... I guess endorphins are a 'powerful drug'!  So how to keep generating endorphins as years pass, and how do you know when you have met the one, when there are so many wonderful people out there...???

Should logistics trump love?  Should you let where you live and what you do get in the way of love?  Well, not in the movies...  But really if there are many things that contribute to your happiness, friends, family, where you live, what you do, quality of life, enjoyment, satisfaction, etc.  Choosing that person can be very challenging, especially when the logistics don't all match up, and definitely more challenging than the movies make it out to be...

A friend once said to me we have 3 difficult decisions to make and they are all interconnected.  Who you want to spend your life with?  Where you live?  What you do for a living?  Good luck with those!!

"Romantic love is an obsession, an addiction, its like someone is camping in your head (Helen Fisher, TED)"

Mike and Tanya I wish you all the best, I believe you have chosen perfectly!

Remember what Michael Franti says, "if you love somebody better tell them so cause you never ever know when they gonna go, if they love you back, just give thanks cause you can't keep love like money in a bank!"

I leave you with a great TED on Love -


Probly some more focused thoughts on this in future!