Saturday, June 25, 2011

Human Nature

Interesting documentary, scary, sad, sad, sad.  What are we doing to our one and only planet???  We are pooping plastic into our oceans without really realizing that we have to eat this...

Some things that resonated with me.  "We live in the happy consciousness era, globalization is inevitable, he who dies with most toys wins, we have more stuff then ever before.  Plastic in our oceans is a symbol of the wrong direction we as a society are taking.  Are society's giving us our bang for our buck, are we getting enough value out of them?"

Also had some interesting conversations on human nature last night and tonight.  Are we inherently bad or good or a bit of both, I like to hope a bit of both... or maybe we are all different based on our own circumstances, upbringing, conscious, morals and social setting... We are good when its expected of us, bad when no one is looking, in pursuit of money and more stuff almost constantly and WIIFM factors into many if not all of our decisions... (Whats In It For Me).

random thoughts, just wanted to capture them!!

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