Saturday, February 18, 2012

monsters and aliens or you and me...

I didn’t get it, I hated it, then I got a little of it, then I got a little more, then I liked it, then I loved it,

We are taking a class right now with a professor who lectures a little or even a lot like this.  Not as tongue and cheek though.  I imagine the message will be received slightly or even radically different by everyone who watches it, and I think that maybe part of the point.  Just the act of me writing about it now changes my perspective and means I am still thinking about it.  The critiques included try and focus a little more, would have been good with more focus and what the heck was he talking about?  What was he talking about, like I said it will be different for everyone.

I felt he was asking us, the privileged, to stand up, quit being a robot and live your life to the fullest.  And to the fullest cannot continue to mean a large house, a fat belly and a full wardrobe.  That helping even a few people is a wonderful place to start.  It almost felt like a challenge, like "what are you doing and why are you doing it".

Was the medium dis-organised, or intentionally designed to make the message linger in ones mind?  It's still lingering for me... "more to do with you versus yourself", "no boxes", "doing stuff just to do stuff",

"you cannot manage innovation"
"there is something about innovation that smells funny"
Innovators (aliens):
"not afraid to be an ass... sistant"
"they don't know important things like fashion and keeping up to everyone else"
"they are lost"
"they live life really large"
"always afraid of being afraid"
"self medicate with mediocre"
"make decisions once and leave it at that"
"they don't live large they just are"
"do something insane with your life or be a machine get stuff stuck in up into you and be mediocre"
"you are the ones who get to see things"
"you have heard 300 minutes of the worlds most inspirational stories what are you going to do with them tomorrow"
"now that I know what I know", what can you do with your resources, networks, and influences to make the world better?

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