Friday, April 1, 2011

Feeling, presenting...

Many of you have probly already heard of micro-lending, this TED talk particularly stands out in my memory.  She is a great speaker, its a wonderful cause, I feel like she really cares and she makes me care through that...

What makes a good engaging presenter?  I often thought it was involving your audience, but there is no audience involvement in this talk.  I just finished a 3 week intensive residency in Victoria, and at the end of one of our classes our instructor got a standing ovation from the class that just didn't seem to end, it was emotional and significant, impressive and moving.  So what did he do?  I keep asking myself this...

Honesty - he told both sides of every story, he told us what he wanted from us and what his expectations were, he told us that he was here for 3 weeks for us!  He laid a few ground rules (no phones, no emails, etc).
Reflection - we were asked to reflect on our learnings and how to apply them and things we were struggling with, 50 students and he took the time to read and thoughtfully comment to everyone.
Genuine - what is that?  whatever it is Derek had it, you could feel that.
I think that is one of the keys, good movies, good writing, good presentations, they make you feel, more than think, more than participate, but FEEL.

So thanks Derek, and thanks Jessica (KIVA) for your thoughtful, thought provoking and feeling!

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  1. That is a great TED talk, definitely one of my favourites. I always really liked the part about charity used to be for making her feel better rather than doing any real good. I think these are valuable ideas for the world.