Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happiness Is...

A great lecture that I discovered courtesy of Carla, thank you!

So lots is being written about happiness, their is a new movie on the economics of happiness, I read a quote from a Canadian Author whose name escapes me on happiness, something along the line of "the more you study it the less happy you will become..." interesting, not sure if I agree, practice makes perfect right?

Well the lecture, basically I take from it, the 4 types of people: Rat Racers - living for the future all the time in a race to get things done so that the future will be better, definitely marshmallow savers.  Then the Hedonists- enjoy the moment, eat your marshmallows now!  The Nilests - who gives a damn anyway, not sure if this makes you happy or just apathetic... and finally the Happy-seekers?  not sure what the final one was called, basically they set realistic and worthy goals that add to their life fulfillment/enjoyment.  Some of the take aways: have happy rituals, things that you do consistently that make you happy (ie. squash, kiting, reading, blogging, journaling, cooking, eating, etc...).  Add one thing to your life NOW that will make it better and take one thing away that will improve things, just one.  I think these can be hard to determine without reflection and insight, sometimes I feel like another piece of chocolate cake now will make me happier but in the long run I have the health issues and have to work that chocolate cake off or pay for it in some way... And this doesn't just apply to chocolate cake, it can apply to many things we think make us happy in our lives.

So, I appreciate the study and work that goes into the psychology of happiness!  I am not sure if we are reflective enough, or maybe if I am reflective enough to realize what really makes us happy in the moment and in the long term and to make consistent and effective decisions that lead to further happiness...

Final thoughts EXPRESS GRATITUDE, I like this, everyday even they recommend, I feel so grateful to live where I live, be born Canadian, and have all the opportunities that were given to me!  I know I should dedicate more space to this and I will, in time.

And maybe most importantly of all: Plan de vida, find your purpose, your passion, what makes you tick and follow it.  I envy those that have done this and encourage us all to try!!



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  1. I don't like to pass up opportunities. If something comes about and it makes me really happy, then I believe, I should enjoy it until it no longer makes me happy. I don't feel guilty about it because I believe that everything should be taken in moderation. Too much of something ruins it; not enough of something doesn't satisfy; but the moderate amount for each person should be enough and then people perhaps no longer live with regrets or in a way that is constraining. Also, perhaps there would be less interest or desire to lash out, or excess, etc because they feel more balanced.