Sunday, May 8, 2011

Post Hatteras thoughts and reflections

Coming home off one of the greatest vacations of my life, and now the work doesn't seem quite as satisfying as before, the sunrise not quite as brilliant, the bread not quite as tasty... Feeling trapped in the confines of a 10 square foot cubicle, an 8-10hour workday, and the boundaries of a 9 month timeline to research, analyse, write and submit a masters thesis... I have not had this happen before, or at least as far as I can remember.

Community living, we spent 2 weeks, cooking, eating, kiting, partying, ott tubbing, etc with around 55 people, mainly from Regina and Winnipeg.  It's hard not to be happy surrounded by friendly smiling faces, warm water and wind.  I wonder how much of this is thanks to the perfect kiting conditions and how much is just to be in such wonderful company?

Well, I know I haven't said a lot, but its all I got, I'm just gonna take a minute  Our Hatterass theme song.

ciao for now,


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