Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My sister (so proud of her!)

You’ll find Andrea riding her bike around town eating carrots that she gets from a secret stash in her pocket, well aware of the choking hazard, but indulgent non-the-less.  She is probably on her way home from yoga thinking of words that rhyme - for the songs she makes up and sings along the way.  She is often known to be indulgently dramatic and hopelessly romantic, with a fiery intensity that has often left her concerned about spontaneous combustion.  She wishes peace, love, and joy for all planetary inhabitants and hopes to at least make you smile, if not create some warm fuzzy feelings inside, but hopefully not the “I just puked a little in my mouth” kind.  She loves forests most, especially the ones that come connected to mountains, and dreams someday that she will live in a tree house that she has built herself.  She is not sure about what comes next or where exactly she’s going in this life, she knows it’ll have its ups and downs, but has found, so far, that she’s enjoying the ride.  

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