Sunday, March 20, 2011

Green Teams in Government

Ok, so instead of making a poster for my Masters Thesis Poster Session, I decided to make a video.  What did I learn?  Huge thanks to my friend Shane for all his work editing (first off).  People like videos!  I am pretty sure maybe 1 to 3 people read my original thesis proposal, transfer that to video style and voila hundreds of views (204 at last check) maybe more on route... So I recommend the tool of video, it requires so much less of your audience and has the power to convey so much more message, body language, tone, facial expression etc!  I once heard that only 8% of what we are saying is in the words, the rest is in the eyes, the body, the tone, etc etc.  I think video is a great way to get more meaning into and out of our work!

And if you haven't yet seen it:




  1. to add to this, I love the Ted talks and the work that RSA is doing with video and animation. Also I recently learned the BC government is utilizing infographics (words and pics) and their own in house Ted talks and blogs to communicate government policy and get input from the public and stakeholders.. Keep it coming!