Sunday, March 20, 2011


I watched two great movies recently:

South 180 - gets your mojo going for adventure.  "The greatest journeys answer questions you never even thought to ask in the beginning..."  Oh Patagonia how I long for your wide open spaces... oh and the soundtrack so good!

I Heart Huckabee's - a movie exploring existentialism, very deep, lots of good dialogue, probably you could pause the movie every 60 seconds or so and think about it...

ok and now the reason I am writing this blog, what do I want more of:

So next up, if I know where I want to go, I need to determine what am I doing to get there and is it working...
stay tuned.



  1. Hey! I (re) watched i heart huckabees the other day based on your (secondhand) recommendation. So funny, the ball scene is always my favourite and, to me, the most poignant (believe it or not)! I'll check out the other one too.

    Also, I'd like your OK to make my own version of your 'more' graphic (with my own input, of course) for my blog!


  2. Absolutely! go for it, post it, share it, I would love to see it!! I think I had a few 'MORE' things that I journaled for this but I left them in my journal at work.


  3. Also I want to add: LOVE and Intimacy to my 'MORE' list.