Sunday, March 13, 2011

Take aways from another beautiful semester at RRU

In no particular order, I am going to remember, reflect and discus some of the lessons I recall from RRU 2011.

Its all about the people.

Some highlights: Mount Washington, forming strong ties (based on an article by Malcolm Gladwell on the importance of strong ties vs. the social networking ties that are typically weaker).  Would you put your neck on the line for a facebook friend that you barely know or a friend who you have made strong bonds and community with...

Longboard - a must around campus!

Sustainable governance - similar to governance with some differences: Each team summarized what it meant to them, some key characteristics included: transparency, triple bottom line accounting, leadership, empathy, genuine "you can't fake these things", resilient, passion, common vision.

Reflect Reflect Reflect!! - the key take away of the course, I need to do more of this, real learning and insight comes from critical thought and reflection about our learning and our actions.  I am going to use this blog to rant, remember and reflect more!  For myself!  If it gets too personal for you, sorry...

Everything educates - our classroom, our clothing, our friends, etc

Speed kills we need to slow down and enjoy the ride - this is oh so hard for me to understand knowing that we only live once...

The Holy Grail to Sustainability in an organisation is to change the mindset/paradigms, the way we see the world.  Our stories need to change.  This will be challenging in government but definitely worth pursuing!

The Systems Zoo - very important to think apply systems thinking to problems, when you think you have a solution, think about how it will effect the birds and the bees and all the other stakeholders that maybe involved...  Energy --> Food --> Water  all connected, and our policy's need to take this into consideration.

Health - is a way to get at sustainability and environmental movement, possibly one of the most effective ways!

We need to be transparent with our information, sharing of information leading to informed decisions and accountability and a better use of wealth and resources.

Where my bees at: definitely a highlight!

Climbing trees, Charlies trail, backcountry adventures... the love is strong, thanks to everyone for making it a wonderful residency!

stay tuned...

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